The only reason this isn't "1.0" is because there are features I'd still like to add. It works wonderfully. -Ben
  • tinbbuddy-0.93.tgz Released 12/18/2013 Performance logging and improvements.
    1. Logging now indicates the execution of pre/post backup scripts.
    2. Uses the previous backup log file to estimate disk usage. Dramatic performance improvement for large scale backups. (Multiple TB of data)
    3. Documentation improvements, EG: how to set up pre/post backup scripts.
    4. Fixes issue where backup log grew forever.
  • tinbbuddy-0.92.tgz Released 11/05/2012 Minor release
    1. Enhanced postbackup support. Now can run any number of scripts either via conf or placed in a local directory to be executed upon successful completion of a backup.
  • tinbbuddy-0.91.tgz Released 10/17/2012 Numerous changes and tweaks added over the past few years.
    1. Support for ReplaceDir: use a script to get a list of directories to backup on a remote host.
    2. Updated to run on PHP5.x
    3. Postbackup: call an arbitrary script when a backup is complete. For example, a script to archive backups permanently on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or run data mining functions.
    4. Limit disk space usage to a hard limit.
  • tinbbuddy-0.86.tgz Released 07/05/2007
    1. Name Change.
  • bbuddy-0.85.tgz Released 01/06/2006
    1. Will error instead of expire last remaining account branch when disk space is low.
  • bbuddy-0.84.tgz Released 11/14/2005
    1. Now checks for rsync failure before commiting a backup in progress to the vault.
  • bbuddy-0.83.tgz Released 6/2/2005
    1. Added support for backup groups - arbitrary grouping of accounts.
    2. Altered process self check to allow multiple instances of program to run at the same time - with different account/group name calls.
  • bbuddy-0.82.tgz Released 3/18/2005
    1. Added support for conf value "admin" - notifies admin when any errors are logged. At some point, I'd like to extend this so that admin can be defined on a "host by host" method rather than just for everybody.
  • bbuddy-0.81.tgz Released 2/18/ 2005
    1. Revised handling of back versions to fix incrementing problem.
    2. Improved calculating free space.
    3. Added "margin" - determine relative to size of a host system how much disk space to guarantee "free". Greatly improves disk volume utilization.
  • bbuddy-0.80.tgz Released 7/14/2004
    1. Added bwlimit to prevent connection saturation.
    2. Added diskspace: option so that you can limit how much diskspace a particular backup account takes, regardless of how many backup branches you wish to keep.
    3. Numerous little bugs fixed.
  • bbuddy-0.70.tgz Released: 7/05/2004
    1. Updated BackupAccount() to allow for any port configuration.
    2. Removed spurious echo statements originally used for debugging.
    3. Now can backup parts of the local filesystem by leaving host: blank in the config file. (useful when backing up windows directories mounted locally via SAMBA)
    4. Creates new file "_BBACKUP_ERRORS" in the directory backed up so that you can see any rsync errors
  • bbuddy-0.61.tgz Released: 3/30/2004
    1. Added support for the "port" option for clients using a "weird" port (other than port 22)
    2. Removed trace messages
  • bbuddy-0.60.tgz Released: 3/25/2004
  • bbuddy-0.30.tgz Released: 3/24/2004
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