Summary: BackupBuddy works fine right now.
Not all intended features are enabled yet.
  • Uses rsyc's hard link option to provide incremental backups on spinning media. No special software should need to be installed on any recent *nix distro.
  • Notifies administrator by email when errors have been detected.
  • Fault tolerant - if it "goes offline" and backups aren't performed for a while, it should "start working" gracefully and automatically.
  • No special setup beyond defining a config file should be required to get a new account running.
  • Fault aware - if something goes wrong, it will alert an admin. (by email)
  • Good logging - a quick preview of the log file(s) should tell everything that's going on.
  • Easy to configure - Somebody new to its use should be able to set it up in < 10 minutes once deps are met.
  • Disk Space Handling: You can define a threshold of max image size space to keep free.
Feature List
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