07/05/2007 This project is stable, for further news see the Download page.

01/06/2006 Backup Buddy will now refuse to delete the last remaining branch in an account when it runs out of disk space. It errors instead.

Version 0.85 is now available.

11/14/2005 Backup Buddy now checks to see if the rsync being performed terminated unexpectedly, and if so, doesn't make the work in progress part of the backup queue. This will have the effect of eliminating "ghost" backups from the backup rotation, and should reduce disk usage after a host failure.

Version 0.84 is now available.

06/2/2005 A server update required a full redownload, backlogging backups for a few days. So, I introduced the concept of groups to replace "-all" so that you could split up the backup rotation, and make sure that certain, critical backups take place as regularly as possible without interfering or cancelling an existing backup process. (If something in group 1 gets delayed because of a server upgrade, group 2 can continue as normal without waiting for backup group 1 to finish)

Version 0.83 thereby released.

03/18/2005 - It's been pretty quiet - BackupBuddy has worked wonderfully for a *long* time.

Just had a Hard Disk failure in one of my backup arrays, and didn't notice it for a week. (AUGH!) So, the new feature of "admin notification" when an error is trapped has been added.

Viva version 0.82!

07/14/2004 - Came up with a simple way to deal with disk space. I kept looking for an "automagic" solution - when the answer was very simple. You define how much space you want to allocate for a particular host, and it (generally) won't exceed it.

I'd been getting ready to release 0.71 but never finished it out.

This marks the last big feature I'd wanted for BackupBuddy, so we're moving to version 0.80. I use it to manage around 1 TB of backups, so I'd say it's ready for production use. I want to add a few more features before I'd say it's "1.0".

Here's the changelog:

Changelog: 0.71 - 0.80
- Added support for diskspace: variable - now you can 
specify the limit of disk space used by bbuddy for 
a particular account.
Changelog: 0.70 - 0.71 2004-July-07
- Added support for bwlimit - now you can prevent bbuddy 
from saturating your pipe! 

07/05/2004 - Found and fixed a few bugs, added the feature of backing up local parts of the file system. (EG: A Windows drive mounted via Samba, or for backing up the local system to a second HDD)

Here's the official changelog, from 0.6.1 -> 0.7:

Changelog: 0.61 - 0.70 2004-July-05
- Updated BackupAccount() to allow for any port 
- Removed spurious echo statements originally used 
  for debugging.
- Now can backup parts of the local filesystem by 
  leaving host: blank in the config file. (useful 
  when backing up windows directories mounted locally 
  via SAMBA)
- Creates new file "_BBACKUP_ERRORS" in the directory 
  backed up so that you can see any rsync errors

Anybody using 0.6.x is strongly encouraged to upgrade.

03/30/2004 Minor release - now has a "port:" option in the config file, for backup clients that are on nonstandard ports.

Also, removed various trace messages as they are no longer needed.

03/25/2004 - I now have a working expiration system. I've been running a small backup every minute via cron to simulate almost two years of backups, and so far, it's working admirably.

I've decided to do away with all the "smarts" for now and add disk space awareness later. If you want an hourly backup, run via cron hourly. If you want weekly, run once a week.

It expires your branches based on a powers method, tested at a power of 2. It's not perfect (I haven't figured out why it keeps the first two, for example) but in simulating 2 years of backups overnight, it's expiring everything else just wonderfully.

I'll call this 0.60, I think. It's now quite functional as a backup system, but it's not yet feature complete.

03/24/2004 - Initial release. Backup part works, but no expiring takes place. What do you think?
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